Our Mission


The Heart & Vascular Institute is a consortium of top heart physicians dedicated to providing the highest quality of cardiac care in the nation.

Our cardiologists remain dedicated to supporting cardiovascular health through quality patient care, ongoing education, extensive research and the application of current best standards and guidelines.

To help achieve this mission, our physicians have solidified a partnership to ensure every patient’s health and well being.

Quality Patient Care

As internationally-renowned specialists in cardiovascular disease, our Detroit heart doctors are committed to placing the best interests of their patients first. We believe in improving both the length and quality of life for our patients. Disease prevention, management of acute heart disease and long-term care of chronic heart disease are all equally important. We strive to establish a partnership with patients and their families, taking time to listen, understand, and educate. HVI physicians are proudly distinguished as the ‘Doctor’s Doctor,’ frequently being requested to care for other physicians and their relatives.

HVI is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive, innovative and cost-effective procedures, always performed by a leading group of Board Certified Cardiovascular Health Care Professionals. At HVI, we always respect individual patient’s values and needs, holding integrity and respect as pivotal to fulfilling the mission of being the best Detroit area Heart Doctors.

Quality Education

HVI has some of the most qualified physicians in the country; we have been entrusted with the privilege of being an official teaching site for Wayne State University Interventional Cardiology Fellowship Training Program. HVI is dedicated to the highest quality of education and training of medical students, residents, fellows and physicians. HVI physicians are also clinical assistant professors at Wayne State University, School of Medicine and Michigan State University, Osteopathic Medical School.

Quality Innovation

HVI is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art medicine; we have been recognized as a national leader for the most advanced technology and innovation in endovascular minimally invasive procedures. Our doctors hold the distinctions of Primary Investigators and Scientists in national clinical trials. In addition, our laboratory-testing center is one of the few centers to have full certification. And, our lab testing is proudly certified to be the highest in precision and accuracy, holding multiple accreditations for quality and safety excellence.

At HVI, we treat each patient as we would our own relatives. Our team is always available — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — to serve you and your loved ones in an emergency.

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