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Detroit Heart Doctors
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Detroit Heart Surgeons
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  • Benefiting from Pulmonary Embolism Response Teams

    In order to reverse high mortality rates associated with PE, the Detroit Medical Center created a PE Response Team (PERT) in 2014. The team was designed to treat PE patients as quickly as possible using advanced modalities, including ultrasound-accelerated, catheter-directed thrombolysis.

    For a study published in Cath Lab Digest, Mahir Elder, MD, and colleagues assessed more than 1,500 cases of patients hospitalized with acute PE.


    Detroit Heart Cardiologists
  • Cardiovascular Care

    Cardiovascular Excellence Focused on Patients

    Our four Detroit area heart centers provide patients with high-quality options for cardiovascular treatment, vascular surgery and cardiovascular rehabilitation. Our doctors and staff provide years of experience in many areas of cardiovascular testing procedures, including:

  • Patient Education

    The doctors at Heart & Vascular Institute emphasize patient education. Dr. Elder says "a good patient is a smart patient." One of the first steps to a healthy heart is educating yourself on heart disease and care. Below are links to several websites with additional information about conditions, prevention and symptoms.

    Detroit Cardiologists
  • Renowned Cardiologists

    When you put your heart — and your life — in someone's hands, you want them to be the best.

    Our experienced team of physicians take great pride in their ongoing training in the most effective techniques available in cardiology, vascular surgery and cardiovascular rehabilitation.

    Heart Team
  • 24/7 Emergency Care

    24 Hours a day, 7 days a week — we are ready

    When the difference between life and death can be measured in minutes and seconds, you want help fast. Our 24/7 emergency cares offers patients the peace of mind that we are ready and available whenever they need us most.

    Call (313) 222-0330 when you need us at any of our three Detroit area locations:

    • Detroit - (313) 993-7777
    • Dearborn - (313) 791-3000
    • Southfield - (248) 424-5000
    Detroit Heart Doctors

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Detroit Doctors Detroit Cardiologists

Detroit Cardiologists | Cardiovascular Surgeons

The Heart & Vascular Institute’s team of award-winning Detroit cardiologists remains dedicated to providing high quality cardiac care throughout Michigan and the Midwest. Our Michigan heart and vascular treatment centers remain strong advocates for cardiovascular health through quality patient care, ongoing education, continued research and the consistent application of the industry’s highest standards.

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Detroit Cardiologists

As internationally renowned heart doctors in Michigan specializing in treating Cardiovascular Disease, our physicians adhere strongly to our philosophy of placing the best interests of patients first. HVI’s experienced staff of doctors, nurses, aides and support personnel believes in improving both the length and quality of life of our patients. We strive to establish a partnership with patients and their families — always taking time to listen, understand and educate.

The Heart & Vascular Institute’s reputation for excellence earns strength and support through our cardiologists’ distinction as the ‘doctor’s doctor’ — with our physicians frequently chosen to care for other doctors and their relatives — an impressive honor recognizing the high level of care we provide to all of our patients. When you need us our team of top heart doctors will be ready — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Fully Accredited Lab – Rated #1 in Michigan

Detroit Heart Doctors