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Medical News

20,000 watch as DMC Cardiovascular Physicians Perform "Live" Catheterizations during the Annual Meeting of American College of Cardiology

Cardiovascular Surgeons

A team of Detroit Medical Center cardiologists, led by pioneering angioplasty innovator Dr. Theodore L. Schreiber earned accolades by conducting four "real time" state-of-the-art procedures for high-risk heart and peripheral-artery disease patients last week, while thousands of cardiologists watch attentively from their seats in the Washington Convention Center.

With more than 20,000 heart doctors able to watch their every move via electronic telecast, a group of pioneering physicians from the DMC Cardiovascular Institute (CVI) headlined the nation's largest annual cardiology meeting by conducting four different state-of-the-art catheterization procedures on high-risk cardiac patients.

All four of the successfully concluded "live cases," managed in "real time" last Saturday afternoon by the CVI specialists from Detroit, relied on innovative (and non-invasive) high-tech tools designed to provide the very best cardiac care available in the world today.

The live catheterization procedures – including the highly complex and intricate removal of a calcium-linked blockage in a high-risk heart patient's left anterior descending artery (with accompanying circulatory support via a catheter-delivered pump) – gave clear evidence of the DMC's continuing international leadership in managing the latest catheter-based (angioplasty) tools for high-risk cardiac patients, said Dr. Schreiber.

"The annual meeting of the American College of Cardiology (ACC) is the largest medical gathering of its kind in the world," said Dr. Schreiber after the four successful procedures had been completed, "and it was very gratifying to see the DMC Cardiovascular Institute once again leading the way in devising new procedures for taking care of heart and artery disease patients."

Added Dr. Schreiber, the president of the CVI and a catheterization pioneer who was the first cardiac physician in the world to design a method for delivering synthetic valves to the heart via groin artery: "The responses we got after conducting our four live cases – four very difficult cardiovascular cases involving very sick patients and with the whole world watching – were extremely positive and encouraging.

"By the end of the day, we'd heard many comments saying that our procedures were the most challenging, the most elegantly performed and the most successfully completed of the entire three-day annual meeting."

Dr. Schreiber, who is also a nationally recognized pioneer in developing the stent procedure for relieving blocked carotid arteries, said the key to the successful ACC live procedures was the "outstanding teamwork and remarkable proficiency" of the CVI team of cardiac specialists who participated in the live event, including:

  • Dr. Amir Kaki, director of the CVI Catheterization Laboratory;
  • Dr. Mahir D. Elder, director of Cardiovascular Medicine at the CVI and director of the Coronary Care Unit at DMC Harper University Hospital;
  • Dr. Ashok Kondur, associate director of the CVI Interventional Fellowship Program;
  • Dr. Tamam Mohamad, medical director of the Cardiac Care Unit at DMC Detroit Receiving Hospital;
  • Dr. Antonious S. Attallah, interventional cardiologist, DMC Heart and Vascular Institute
  • Michael Brown, CVI interventional attending physician.

Dr. Schreiber also singled out DMC Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Cindy L. Grines for special praise, while mentioning that she chaired several important scientific sessions at last weekend's ACC meeting and is also "internationally recognized as an initiator of emergency angioplasty and for her research on acute myocardial infarction.

While praising all of the DMC cardiologists who participated in the live cases or chaired scientific sessions at the 63rd Annual Scientific Session & Expo at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in the nation's capital, Dr. Schreiber pointed out that the CVI team is "fully prepared to continue its role as an international leader in cardiac and endovascular medicine in the Midwest."

In addition, Dr. Schreiber noted that the planned opening this summer of the DMC Heart Hospital – soon to be the home of the CVI – will provide heart patients with an unmatched "center of excellence" for cardiac care.

"The opening of the DMC Heart Hospital will be a transformative event in cardiac care in Michigan," he said, while describing the $108-million, five-story cardiology complex.

 "The Heart Hospital will be unique here.  And when you combine that state-of-the-art facility with the cutting-edge expertise that the CVI just demonstrated in Washington, you have to conclude that the news is very good for heart patients – not only here in the Detroit area, but all across the Midwest."

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